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Innovation Management and Technology Transfer

INNOcentric supports research institutions with the identification and further development of innovations. We design and impement strategies to exploit research results commercially. We can assist in setting up cooperations with the industy, licensing of patents or even the creation of start-up companies.

Our Services

Get to know our innovative strategies for achieving your ambitous goals.

Technology Screening

Not every research result is immediately recognisable as a valuable innovation. INNOcentric helps to identify and evaluate innovations out of research institutions.

Market Analysis and Market Validation

Innovations are only valuable if they meet a market with real demand and little competition. In order to determine this at an early stage, we have in recent years carried out market and competitor analyses for more than 100 technologies from areas such as medical technology, biotechnology, energy systems, materials science and photonics .

IPR Strategies and Patenting

New technologies need legal and other protections for their economic success. However, patents are often expensive and complicated to obtain. We help you to develop and implement optimal protection strategies implementing various measure of IP protection.

Commercialisation Strategies

Start-up company, license agreement or R&D contract: not every form of commercial exploitation of research results fits you and your situation. Together with you, we develop the optimal exploitation strategy, which takes into account your goals, your financial expectations, your risk tolerance, as well as target markets and industrial environment.

Development of Exploitation Structures

Many research institutions are establishing or enhancing their structures for technology transfer and commercialisation. INNOcentric provides support with 15 years of experience, arranges contact to successful pear institutions, and provides new impulses and methods of transfer.


In many research projects, funding agencies demand proven expertise in innovation management and technology transfer. In EU projects (Horizon 2020) this field is called Exploitation. Based on the experience gained in a number of successful national and European research projects, we can take over the Exploitation work package for many technological fields.